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What tasks does a Personal Yacht Manager do?

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can do a multitude of tasks for you including, but not limited to:

• Operations – technical, stores, spares, repairs, classification, personnel, recruitment, training, employment

• Marketing – strategy, market research, public relations, advertising, sale and purchase, chartering

• Finance – capital investment, cash control, foreign exchange, management accounting, financial accounting, vessel accounting, Owners accounting, credit control, insurance, information technology and budgeting

But let's check todays Manager

Crew management As yachts have grown in size so have the numbers of crew employed to work on them. Regulation imposes very strict and specific requirements which have to be met with failure to achieve these requirements having both criminal and civil consequences. Generally the function of crew management includes:

• Recruitment and selection

• Employment

• Payroll

• Contracts/agreements

• Qualifications

• Training

• Performance appraisals

• Leave

• Travel

• Medical

• Insurance

• Disciplinary and grievance procedures

• Repatriation

Undertaking all of this for a crew of 50 to 60 people (excluding those that are on leave) ensuring that they are properly rested, qualified and motivated to give exception service at all times in a mammoth task in itself.

Marine Operations

This function is essentially looking after the day to day operational activities of the yacht whilst it is in active service and includes:

• Co-ordination with the Flag State for Statutory requirements

• Maintaining appropriate insurance coverage and managing any claims

• Assisting with voyage planning and cruise itineraries

• Assistance with weather routing

• Assistance with berth reservations

• Selection and appointment of local agents

• Logistics of provisions and stores supply

• Bunkering and provision of lubricating oil

• Maintenance of charts and navigational publications

• Management of communications

• Administration of multiple entertainment services

• Management of ancillary craft (helicopters, aeroplanes, submarines etc.)

Technical Operations

As the name suggests this area is essentially all things technical and includes activities such as:

• Co-ordination of Classifications Society surveys and inspection requirements

• Administration of Class Survey fee agreements

• Oversight of the on board planned maintenance system (including audits)

• Review of routine maintenance report and feedback where improvements are required

• Co-ordination of routine and regular maintenance with Marine Operations

• Trend analysis for preventative maintenance

• Co-ordination of refit planning

• Creation of the refit specification

• Request for tenders and tender analysis for refit

• Monitor refit for quality, cost and time

• Provision of 24/7 technical support and advice

• Assist with the sourcing of spare parts and/or servicing and/or sub-contractors

• Technical input to insurance claims

• Development of the annual technical and refit budgets

• Review of oil and fuel sample analysis reports

• Input to senior technical staff performance appraisals

Accounting This function includes activities such as:

• Preparation of annual budgets for Owner approval

• Annual budget review against expenditure

• Compilation of monthly yacht accounts

• Review invoices and arrangement payments

• Control of a purchase order system

• Maintain a ledger of yacht expenses suitable for analysis

• Monthly yacht manage accounts and analysis against budget

• Manage multiple currency bank accounts

• Oversight of the yacht credit cards

• Submit fund requests to the Owner

• Petty cash supply for the yacht Safety

The main function of the management of safety is to make the vessel as safe as it can possibly be whilst having the minimum of impact on the owner’s enjoyment of using the vessel.

Formal management of safety involves:

• ISM Manager for the yacht

• Establishment and maintenance of the Safety Management System

• Development of ISM procedures and systems

• Provision of Designated Person Ashore (DPA) under ISM

• Internal Safety Audits

• External Safety Audits

• Administration of the Safety Management System paperwork and certification

• Provision of emergency response service ashore

• Development of casualty management plans

• Oversight of the on board risk assessment and management control of safety

• Crew safety training ashore

• Investigate accidents, incidents and implement a near miss reporting system

• Development of an inclusive safety culture

• Voyage reporting control authority

• Oversight of safety equipment maintenance and inspections Security Many high net worth Owners become used to a life protected by a range of security services. Even when on board their own yacht, there is the potential of security threats against them (depending upon exactly who they are) and security is rarely far away.

In terms of the management of this security on a superyacht the main functions include:

• ISPS Manager for the yacht • Internal security audits

• Threat assessment

• Development of a security plan

• Development of operational security procedures

• Training of the Ship Security Officer

• Management of the Ship Security Certification

• Administration of the Ship Security Alert system

• Investigation of security breaches or failures

• Co-ordination of changes in security threat level with the Flag State

• Internal ISPS audits

• Review and maintaining up to date the ship security pla

The Yacht Management Agreement The provision of yacht management services is normally provided under a contract. Some yacht managers use their own bespoke contractual terms whilst others use what is known as the BIMCO SHIPMAN. The contract seeks to assign the roles and responsibilities of the different parties to the extent that the law allows. The contract is broken down into five main sections.

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